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About us

Who is Mr China?

We are a Chinese economy expert team formed by a group of volunteers.

We provide, in particular, an independent commentary on China financial markets in both Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We also stick to publish original fresh content, valuable information and important issues about China in our website.

We conduct our own economic research, carry out thoughtful analysis, do a lot of calculations for setting up targets of major China market indicators, and then write high quality and in-depth reports or articles that are going to be adding value for our readers.

If you still enjoy reading websites commenting on China issues but actually written by foreign people, our site is not for you.

We are pure local Chinese, we understand our Chinese culture and we all have our own views.

We call ourselves Mr China and have all you need for better understanding about the real China economy.

So why we choose to be "Mr China"?

In fact, we read quite a lot China economy-related websites in the market and find a certain percentage of them misleading, even though their writers are economic experts staying in China for years and they simply do not intend to mislead.

We believe the main reason is that most of the site writers are actually not Chinese and reflect only how foreign people think about China.

That is perhaps unavoidable, as they may not have understanding about Chinese culture better than we do. This is not unique to China, it is a worldwide issue. We believe, for instance, local people in the US should understand their local US economic affairs better than we do. If you do have experience staying abroad, surely you can understand what is cultural misunderstanding.

We definitely appreciate foreigners to express their views. Sometimes they may have very good ideas. The real problem is when they come to comment on local Chinese economic affairs which they may not fully understand and you totally rely on their comments to make your investment decisions. We, Mr China, simply do not want any such misunderstanding would drive false signal in market expectation and ultimately contribute to your investment loss.

The term "Mr China" is to remind us that we are Chinese and should always commit to do a better job than people somewhere else to reveal facts about the real Chinese economy.

If you would like to support us, please kindly contribute through our donation page for any amount you want.

Copyright Notice:

We have to emphasize here that we strive to fight against stealing content or duplicate content. Please note that our website, Mr China, is fully copyright protected. All rights, including copyright, are reserved worldwide and all materials on this website are copyright to http://mrchinablog.blogspot.com. Use of any material on this website, either obtained through any of RSS feed(s) or directly / indirectly from our website, is not allowed (in any medium by any language) without our prior written permission and/or formal license. To obtain further information on syndication or purchasing article(s) for media quote, researcher quote or print publication, please contact us through the below "Contact information of Mr China".

Contact information of Mr China:

If you have any suggestion about our site or for whatever reason you want to contact us, please feel free to send your message by email to mrchinablog@gmail.com

We welcome any reasonable comment from you.

We are also open to different opinions.

We are, however, politically neutral and are very much grateful to hear of any objective and constructive idea from you.

In order to promote rational study about China, we particularly encourage academic discussions and research queries from local or even overseas universities and/or other education institutions (.edu) or governmental bodies (.gov).

In any case, thank you for giving us your valuable feedback and information. We appreciate all your contributions that actually show your kind supports to our website.

Link to Mr China:

If you also agree with Our goals, you may help promoting our site by Linking to Mr China through any simple plain-text hyperlink that should either open as the top page in the current window or open in a full new window directly. Please note that any framing or unauthorized use of our content is a copyright violation.

Here is an example to open our webpage as the top page in the current window:

<a href="http://mrchinablog.blogspot.com" rel="dofollow" target="_top">Mr China</a>

You may simply copy and paste the above html code into any web page that you can edit.

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