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At this moment our site contents are free to read but if you do want to thank, sponsor or show support to us at this stage, please kindly take a moment to make a secure donation today.

We do accept voluntary donation in form of props and general goodwill.

To ensure your transaction can be securely processed, we have already opened necessary accounts with our email address,, as our account name in popular payment service providers like PayPal, Payza (was AlertPay) or Coinbase.

Secure donation can therefore be made directly to this email address through PayPal, Payza (was AlertPay) or Coinbase.

Here are the details of our payment options:

(1) Crypto-currency

Mr China accepts crypto-currency as a kind of donation. You can simply send to the below address(es) directly from your own wallet (without using any third-party payment processor like Coinbase):

Our Addresses are - BTC: 1LAa1gs4ZMh7EV4bMojQxzPJFTAMEvtjkd

LTC: LfuK5oxMXeqecEg35QjewYmXQFVzCjf2jG

DOGE: DBeMNTRhhpq9fp4vAhnXJD1vegtQUt8b18

DGB: DBCvKp86UW3QTnboioJ5sRrhGxmBB4fxHd

Mr China accepts BTC

Mr China now Accepts Crypto-currency

We also accept micropayments via ChangeTip. You may directly send any amount to this, free of any transaction charge.

If you have a Coinbase account, you may also send to our email directly:

Our Coinbase email:

This will allow you to send any amount of crypto-currency (even very small amount) you want, free of any transaction fee. If you need to register a new Coinbase account for free, please sign-up there.

(2) PayPal

As PayPal currently offers no donation button in our country, it appears that we can now only use subscription button instead. To use this PayPal service, we 'should' offer certain kind of product or service to you as well. That is fine, we can offer it as a paid subscription service for you as we are a large content provider supporting a well-known online magazine. If interested, you may read our Terms of Services for paid subscription.

Back to the donation purpose, you may simply select your currency, enter donation amount and then click on the below button:

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online

PayPal Payment Process:

(i) You need to enter any donation amount you want. However if you enter null, invalid, zero, or negative numbers that PayPal does not accept, it will return an error page asking you to specify valid values for certain parameters. If error does occur, please return to our website and try again.

(ii) You may choose to pay by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express etc) via PayPal. If you do not indicate you already have a PayPal account, you will be asked to create one where available.

(iii) Once you have entered all the required payment information, you will be redirected to a secure payment review page by PayPal. You will see an item name called 'Subscribe to Mr China', information about the seller (our representative), and the amount you have just entered with a subscription term for one day. Why one day? It is just a billing unit that we have to define for PayPal. In addition, we already limit the length of billing cycle to ONE, which means always a one-time subscription fee will be paid by default. The subscription process will automatically expire as soon as you pay once. If in doubt, you shall login to your PayPal account (section name: 'My pre-approved payment') to double check your expired subscription status.

(iv) After your payment process is successful, PayPal will automatically redirect you within 5 seconds back to our subscription webpage.

In case if you already have your own PayPal account, you can donate even without using our subscription button at all. We recommend that you login to your existing PayPal account and send money to directly by using your own account balance. To reflect your real purpose of payment (send as gift; not for any goods or services) and save transaction fees:

(a) On the Send Money page, please opt to choose 'Personal Payment – Gift or Other' type instead of 'Online Purchase' type when sending us your money in this way.
(b) On the Review Your Payment page, please consider to pay the transaction fees by sender (not recipient), if applicable.
Either of these actions will bring greater financial support to our website.

Last but not least, if you create a PayPal Premier or Business account on your own, though it will not bring additional financial support to our website as no one can now earn bonus from PayPal for the referral.

(3) Payza (was AlertPay)

Not find your currency available in PayPal? Payza (was AlertPay) is just another popular online payment system similar to PayPal and you can securely send money in some currencies that currently not supported by PayPal. Mr China has already passed the Payza (was AlertPay) website review, so that we can set up a donation button directly instead of using a subscription button.

Even a small amount of spare money in your Payza (was AlertPay) account is welcome, please select your currency, enter donation amount and then click on the below button:


Payza (was AlertPay) payment process is just similar to the above for PayPal. Payza (was AlertPay), however, will automatically redirect you back to our home page instead of our subscription page after your payment is successful. Due to the nature of your voluntary donation, please do not file any dispute via Payza (was AlertPay), PayPal or even initiate a chargeback via your credit card provider. For whatever reason, please do contact us via for help first before you may feel necessary to do so.

If for unknown reasons the above Payza button fails to work (our readers did report to us that sometimes it could mistakenly display an unbelievable error saying "our site could not accept payments"), please send money to directly through your own Payza account instead. The procedure is just similar to that of PayPal.

Probably you think it may be a problem if you do not have a Payza account yet. Well it is definitely not an issue, as you can easily create your FREE Payza account through this link (You are suggested to create a Personal Pro Account to enjoy the best free services).

It is totally free of charge to open an account there. Just follow through the instructions from the Payza website, you will then have your own Payza account within a few minutes. After that, you will be able to start transferring your donation online.

(4) Other Donation Methods

In addition to the above methods, we also accept donation via direct bank transfer, Western Union, or MoneyGram. Please feel free to send us email via to let us know your preferred donation method and donation amount. We will then get back to you the necessary payment information accordingly.

You have our promise - any donation will only be used for achieving our goals. By accepting nothing more than payments on behalf of donees from donors, we basically regard donation as a kind of special services we provide to you.

On behalf of all the poor and less fortunate people in China, we sincerely thank for any donation from anywhere around the world.

Should you have any question or need any help about your donation, please feel free to make use of this Contact information of Mr China.

Legal notice: No matter it is called a paid subscription or a donation, we all regard it as your donation and is non-refundable. However, we reserve the right to refuse your payment for any reason (eg.: the amount is too small to cover the transaction costs charged by PayPal or Payza). By making a donation to Mr China you signify that you already acknowledged, understood, accepted, and also agreed to the terms and conditions described in this notice. Any of your donation to Mr China is purely voluntary and is also not a fee for any services, goods or advantages particularly for you. Other than allowing you (just like anyone else) to browse our website content, making a donation to Mr China does not entitle you to any extra services, goods or advantages. To further protect all parties against any possible legal issues, any of your donation is regarded as anonymous donation. Mr China will delete related information after receiving your donation and will not keep any of your personal record. We have every right to use the money you ever donate to Mr China in any legal way and for any legal purpose we consider necessary or appropriate. We are under no obligation to disclose the way or purpose of using the money you donate to any person or any party unless otherwise required by applicable law. We also will not disclose your name and email address without your consent, unless required by applicable law. Though Mr China now offers legitimate services, to our best knowledge Mr China does not have any tax exempt status. Your donation may not be tax-deductible, and you may seek help from your own tax advisor where you consider appropriate.

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