Thursday, March 10, 2011

Internal Auditing for Quality Control

Here let us brief our internal audit system for website quality control.

Today, we write to response to a smart reader who wrote by email to ask us why there was a sudden statement "Written by: Independent Internal Audit (IIA) Team" at the end of our article An Important 2010 Internal Review for you. We promised to simply call him Mr. W, not to disclose his details so as to respect and protect his privacy. It is not a surprise to us why such question is asked, because we know very few websites of our type are offering similar internal audit system.

The answer of his question is pretty simple: we do it purely for internal Quality Control.

Actually almost everyone can write highly attractive contents in the internet, as other webmasters do. We, however, hate to just keep doing so if all contents end up to be incorrectly predicted. Therefore we, Mr China, determined to implement a quality system and form an Independent Internal Audit (IIA) Team by end-2010 to review our site quality and content accuracy.

Although we are not yet an official ISO9000 certified organization, we are proud of having our Independent Internal Audit (IIA) Team led by a certified internal auditor from International Register of Certificated Auditor (IRCA). In addition to the internal auditing, we are trying our best to stick to the basic principles of this internationally recognized ISO quality standard and also adopt it in some elements of our own Quality Management Systems (QMS), including customer focus, continual improvement, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) program etc. Our ultimate target is to achieve Total Quality Management (TQM) effectively for our readers.

Moreover, we all know that the market does not lack of China financial news, instead there are actually too many pieces of information available. For example, just within the Chinese government alone, too many government departments can release important financial news that can severely influence the financial markets. People who are not familiar with China, non-Chinese investors or even average Chinese readers may find many of the information misleading.

Furthermore, media nowadays does not seem to care too much about the accuracy of their information released, especialy in the internet era, We, Mr China, therefore would like to help our readers to screen the excessive information in the market, leaving those really matter to all of you. In addition, we would also like to provide comprehensive and independent commentary on selected China financial news by going into the full details of the related China policy accurately which many other foreign websites might not be able to do so. At the end of the day, we hope you can enjoy reading our website with a proper quality system implemented.

According to our system, internal audit will be conducted on an annual basis. While our first internal audit was already done on January 2011, the next schedule of our annual internal audit will then be on January 2012.

In any case, our Independent Internal Audit (IIA) Team is certainly one of the major features in our website to ensure providing quality contents under proper control to our readers.

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