Monday, May 9, 2011

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Recently we, Mr China, see a trend of increasing number of readers subscribed to get our free email updates through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. This is really a good news and a great support to us.

Although we have no idea who you are, we believe it is a good sign of popularity of our website. In fact, we use feed(s) to keep ourselves better connected to our readers, listeners, admirers, or even critics. We now provide quite a number of methods so that you can subscribe or follow our site feed:

Method (1): FeedBurner by Email

You can easily Add Mr China RSS feedSubscribe to Get Free Email Updates through the above link from FeedBurner Email. The Google FeedBurner is a free service that delivers, on behalf of Mr China, our content about Chinese economy to subscribers like you via email. Once you complete a simple email verification process, FeedBurner will then send you fresh content alert from our site, so that a new article, new title, new link, or change to the published date from our site will trigger an email delivery to you. With this email subscription capability, subscribers can now receive fresh content of our website in their own email inbox, just similar to an e-newsletter.

We do set to limit the number of characters sent through the FeedBurner Email, simply because of the copyright issue. You can always click on the direct web link from the email to visit and read the full content of our fresh articles. The character limit we set in the FeedBurner Email is to prevent someone to easily duplicate our website full content by just copying or forwarding emails. In fact, the issue of duplicate content is very serious in the internet world nowadays. Say if you google something you will always find a huge number of junk websites which copy, scrape, or steal content from other websites and use as if it were their own content. We just want to reduce the risk of our content being stolen illegally by other websites. After all, the FeedBurner Email does not seem to be copyright protected.

Method (2): Paid Subscription

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online

We thank you for any of your payment.

For your successful payment, a receipt for your subscription (stating that Payment Stop After Cycle=1) and a note for the cancellation of recurring payment profile (because we request on behalf of you to bill you only ONE time) will be automatically sent to you by email from PayPal. You may also view the transaction details whenever you want in your own PayPal account.

Terms of Services (ToS) for Paid Subscription

(i) You agree that this service is automatically received by you and is 100% delivered as described, as long as we continue to allow our website content available for your browsing or keep this website up-and-running.

(ii) No Refund Policy: While we promise to try our best to keep this website up-and-running, we cannot guarantee that termination of this website will never be occurred one day. We are not responsible for any possible loss that may incur to you, and your paid subscription is not refundable.

(iii) This service is different from the email subscription service (Method #1) stated above. Just because it does not go through an email verification process by Google FeedBurner, you are not automatically enrolled to receive free email updates from Google FeedBurner. If you do want to receive free email updates, you should subscribe through Method #1 separately.

(iv) Your payment is regarded voluntary to support our service.

Method (3): Follow or like us on social networking sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter. Recently we have just started extending our exposure to Twitter, StumbleUpon, Youtube, Google+ and Facebook since March 2011.

Please feel free to visit:

Mr China Official Page on Facebook to like us or visit

Mr China Official Org Page on Twitter, MrChinaBlog on StumbleUpon and MrChina on Youtube to follow us if you want.

UPDATE: You may also join our friend circle by visiting our latest Mr China on Google+, or just vote to support us by clicking on any Google +1 (plus one) button shown at the bottom of any our webpage(s).

We do encourage our readers to follow or like us on the above social networking sites because we may occasionally publish our urgent short notices or quick investment tips to you through Twitter, Google+ or Facebook if we consider necessary. By doing so, you then will not miss any of our useful messages about the ever-changing Chinese economy and China financial markets. We also welcome if you can kindly leave us your valuable comments on the above social networking sites for our further improvement.

Method (4): Follow us on Google Friend Connect

Join Google Friend Connect. (UPDATE: Link removed owing to inactive use, please use the newer service Google+ instead)

You may follow us and join our site to become our member through the above Google Friend Connect link(s) by using your Google, Yahoo, AOL, or other OpenID account. By following us in this way, you will get free updates about our website in your own iGoogle Reader. If you set your profile to be visible, you will then become our Google Friend, be able to login every time when you visit this page and invite any of your friend(s) to join our family as well.

Method (5) FeedBurner by Web Reader You can Subscribe in your Reader (UPDATE: Link removed owing to inactive use, please use the better service Method #1 instead) through FeedBurner by clicking on the above link. This is another online service from FeedBurner that gives you the advantage of being able to access our RSS feed updates anywhere you can find a web browser. The service is provided to you through a web-based portal or news reader such as iGoogle Reader, Bloglines, NewsGator, Netvibes, Pageflakes etc.

If you have any question about the above subscription channel(s) or want to read our website copyright notice, please do not hesitate to contact us through this Contact information of Mr China. All the above subscription channels, except the Method #2, are free of charge at this moment. After all, we want to encourage more readers to make use of them, subscribe or follow our website in a way they think convenience to them, and enjoy reading our fresh contents about real Chinese economy once published.

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