Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Affiliate and Referral Programs: You Can Earn Money Online Easily Too!

In this post, we would like to bring you some ideas how you can earn some extra money online easily from our affiliate and referral programs.

Mr China Affiliate Marketing Program

We have established our affiliate program for you with Tradebit network, a leading and reputable site that sells downloads such as eBooks, articles, software etc.

How to make money from our affiliate program successfully? That is easy. Just follow the four steps below:

(1) In order to have you own Tradebit user ID to track your earnings, you will need to create your own Tradebit account first. You can choose to sign-up for USD$4.95 at, but you can also set up a FREE Tradebit account there with your facebook account (if you have one).

(2) After getting your own Tradebit user ID, you should also input your own PayPal email address in Tradebit configuration menu so that you can get paid from Tradebit for every sale referred by your website(s). If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign-up one for FREE easily at any PayPal site.

(3) Put affiliate code into any of your website(s) or webpage(s). Affiliate code can be in the following format(s):

(3a) If you want to promote our Tradebit store directly, please use:

<a href=" user ID/user/236034">Buy in This Tradebit Store</a>

where 236034 is our user ID in Tradebit, and 'your user ID' is the one you got after you create an account in Tradebit.

(3b) If you want to promote a specific item in our Tradebit store, please use:

<a href=" user ID/product/-/product ID">Buy This Item in Tradebit</a>

where 'product ID' is the one you select to promote after searching our store called 'MoneyShare'. You can select all or any one item you like to recommend to your site visitors from our store at

<a href="">Buy This PLR Articles Pack</a>

In either format, Tradebit system will be able to know which sales to our ID are made from your ID. You do not need to worry about how Mr China can correctly track the sales referral by your website(s) because Tradebit will do it automatically for us. In addition, you should not worry about tracking error (if any) that may be unfair to you because the system is run by a third party, Tradebit, which Mr China does not have tracking control over it.

(4) For every person who click-through your website(s) to purchase our item(s) in Tradebit, you will GET 10% COMMISSIONS for each sale! Commission payments will be sent directly from Tradebit to your own PayPal account on WEEKLY basis. This affiliate program runs on a successful and well-known PPA-based (Pay Per Action) model. Putting more affiliate codes into more websites can lead to more sales and hence more commissions you can earn!

That is all, and no extra efforts or earning tips are required. It is as easy as putting affiliate code into your website(s) and will not cost you more than a few minutes to going through all the above 4 steps. Forget everything about complex eCommerce solutions or revenue sharing systems as Tradebit will do all necessary transactions on our behalf.

No matter you just want to make some extra money online or want to start up a small internet home-based business, our affiliate program is perfect for anyone who enjoys working at home. This program is so powerful and should require little internet marketing techniques to succeed, because selling prices of our items are attractive, reasonable and should already be competitive enough to trigger enough affiliate conversions. In addition, our items are having Private label Rights (PLR) or Master Resell Rights (MRR), they are 100% legal and you will not need to help promoting any scam products that may cause you unable to sleep well at night.

What is more, you have freedom and flexibility to promote one or all items within our store at any time you want. Our affiliate marketing program has no minimum traffic requirements and is free to join. You will actually be earning as much money as you can at no cost! Don't Miss This Unique Earning Opportunity! Join Now!

Mr China Referral Programs

Do you also want to earn like us with some ads on your website? You may also earn extra income by taking part in the below referral programs. Please note that we only refer you these programs as we have joined them on our own and have found them quite successful or profitable.

Table of Our Referral Programs

You may earn by joining as a publisher of the below program(s). If you are interested in internet marketing, you may also consider to join as an advertiser of the particular program(s). Simply sign-up via the corresponding referral links (Note: those marked with 'Not applicable' means that you cannot get referred from us to join either publisher or advertiser program):

Type(s)Publisher Referral ProgramAdvertiser Referral ProgramRemark(s)
AmazonPPANot applicableGet $75 FREE ClicksYou may read also: About China Financial MarketsChina Financial Markets
ChitikaPPCSign-up for FREENot applicableChitika is a Google AdSense alternative.
BidvertiserPPCSign-up for FREEGet $20 FREE ClicksBidvertiser is another Google AdSense alternative.
Search for BooksPPANot applicableNot applicableYou may also check: Free Shipping on Select Titles [UPDATE: link is deleted caused by the ending of GAN (Google Affiliate Network)]
ChineseANPPASign-up for FREENot applicableChineseAN is a Google Affiliate Network (GAN) alternative for Chinese market

Table: List of our Referral Programs

where PPC = Pay Per Click; PPA = Pay Per Action.

We will continuously update this table to include any new referral program(s) that we trust and should be able to bring you some extra profits.

Remark: Most of the above programs may not be suitable for newbies but are only for advanced and professional users. Make Sure You Read Carefully Their TOS (Terms of Service) and All Necessary Detail Guidelines Before Sign-Up. Mr China will not be liable or responsible for any loss caused by the use of any program(s) mentioned herein.

Mr China Hits 100 Articles

Mr China has entered a new phase as we have already published our 100th article in this website! The 100th article is about RMB Sovereign Bond, our previous one published on July 13, 2012.

Up to this moment, the top 5 (mostly viewed) out of our current 100 articles are:

1. 2011 GDP Target;
2. iBond (;
3. LGFV in PRC;
4. iBond (;
5. Hui Xian (

Congrats to our editorial team and now we have more than 100 high-quality articles in our site! We will continue writing useful posts and, we hope you will also continue to support our efforts in providing great content and of course wish you will earn more money online from our above affiliate and referral programs.

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