Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Day

Today is a Big day for Mr China.

We announce that our website, Mr China blog (in Chinese: 中国先生), is now open for public.

This site, at the time being, mainly dictates the rapidly changing economy in China. We believe it is absolutely valuable to record and understand the whole success story of the emerging Chinese economy.

However, if you still enjoy reading articles commenting on China issues but actually written by foreign people, our site is not for you.

We are pure Chinese and we all have our own views. We call ourselves Mr China and have all you need for better understanding about the real China.

As the first article here, we would like to express our warm welcome to all of you. We have confident that we will develop our website as a kind of online China economic magazine you love to read.

Our basic principles of website layout design are, as follow:

(1) We, Mr China, insist to make our website background in black color, since we believe it should be better to protect the eyes of our readers. Website background in other colors, say in white, may be more attractive to readers, but we know it will make your eyes easier to get tired after longer-period reading. Although a black background color may make our website look a little bit darker and may generally reduce the attractiveness of our website appearance, we would rather stick to use this color as our background because the health of the eyes of our readers should be in the highest priority.

While the idea of making white text on black background is for eye protection, we do, however, understand that still many people prefer black text in white background, mainly due to better readability. In fact, white background increases the total amount of incoming light to your eyes. So scientifically it will hurt your pupils for long-time reading. Our management team would rather protect your eyes, though we know we sacrifice certain degree of website readability.

Furthermore, since more and more people are using handheld devices to browse websites, a black background can surely save battery power of your device, no matter it is iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, SymbianOS or Windows Phone etc.

(2) We will set up a section called "Most Popular Articles" after we have enough number of articles in our website. We believe it will help new comers to our website to better understand the popularity of our written articles. We will place this section in an area as easily observable as possible.

(3) We will also set up a section called "Recommended Articles", or some may also call it "Editorial Picks". We think this section can help our readers to better know which articles are more important for understanding Chinese economy and should be worth spending a bit more time to read. We plan to place this section in an area where most people can easily locate within our website.

(4) We will set up an internal search engine, to be powered by Google, in our website. Our readers can then easily search for any useful information they want within our website and can find the necessary information quickly.

(5) We will allow our readers to subscribe our website, as we know many readers may need to be automatically alerted about any fresh content from our website.

(6) In addition to the above, we will add more features to our website as suggested by our readers when we consider appropriate.

Taking this unique and very special opportunity, we sincerely wish your China investment a big success and thank you very much for all your supports to this new website.

In our upcoming articles, we will rush to publish basic elements of our website such as our privacy policy, disclaimer statement, advertising policy, our goals, our contact information etc, as well as every material you need to understand about the real Chinese economy.


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