Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Setting our Own targets

We, Mr China, determine to set targets of various major China market indicators on our own.

The reason behind that is we want not only to write theoretically about the rapidly changing economy in China like the other websites do, but we want also to let you know how severe in number a particular change will actually impact the economy.

That is why we prefer to do it quantitatively.

We have already selected major market indicators such as China GDP (Gross Domestic Product), China CPI (Consumer Price Index), China Global Trade Balance, Renminbi (RMB, also called CNY, or simply Yuan), Shanghai SSE Composite Index and Hong Kong HSI (Hang Seng Index) etc as our targets to be released.

We may further develop or extend to cover more market indicator(s) as our target(s) in the future if we consider necessary.

The way to set our own targets, in any case, will also be kept independent and objective.

They will be all based on scientific methods, including reliable source of data, careful selection of representative sources, proper methods of data collection, effective sampling and data selection, as well as reasonable determination of the weights for precise calculations.

We understand it may take time to develop and release our target(s) to the public, because it truly involves a highly complicated process and our standard is highly demanding, we still believe the accuracy of our target(s) should be far more important than just the number of targets we release. We are not just like many investment firms in the market that care little about the accuracy of their targets they deliver to the public. All we know that is, without the accuracy, any target will no longer be meaningful to our readers, cannot help them to understand how the Chinese economy and investment markets will evolve, and may even be misleading to those who are new to this investment world.

The target value(s), after being announced in our site, will be placed at the left hand side of our main page.

We wish our targets will be widely accepted by our readers and will be able to attain certain creditability from most of you. After all, we are not run for profit and therefore we simply do not have any incentive to earn from our target information at all.

Of course, the most important thing we believe is that you, as our valuable reader, will find our targets really useful and meaningful because they are entirely set for you.

Please note that our own target values are dynamic and will continue to be updated whenever necessary.

UPDATE - Table of Summary: Our Targets released

Here is the summary table for our targets released since 2011:

Table of our Targets released

For your convenience, we will keep updating this table to include any new targets released. You may bookmark this page so that you can check for any new update more easily.

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