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Stock Analysis for Hong Kong and Shanghai Equity Markets

In addition to setting targets of various major China macroeconomic market indicators, Mr China has also analyzed individual stocks (and bonds) on our own for micro-economic studies. Since April 2011, we have started to publish some of our analysis reports for Hong Kong and Shanghai equity markets in this website so that our readers can read them if they are interested in. We are happy to see that our analysis reports have been so popular in this website, indicating that our readers really enjoy reading them. We hope that you can always benefit from reading and digesting these reports, although any of them is only a summary or a just portion of our full report (we do not intend to publish the full-length report version in this website due to the complex financial mathematics and the advanced economic theories involved).

As we are having more and more stocks (and bonds) analysis reports in this website, here we would like to create a table to summarize all these reports so you can locate them with ease.

Table of Summary: Stock (and Bond) Analysis

This summary table lists down the name of stock (or bond), their respective stock code(s), debut date(s) and also IPO price(s). These are the very basic information for every individual equity but somehow people may just forget about the debut (first listing) date or IPO price after the equity has been listed for a certain period of time. Of course we have also included the location (link to particular page) of each report in our table so that you can easily find it.

Name of Stock (or Bond)Stock Code(s)Debut Date(s)IPO Listing Price(s)Location
Hui Xian REIT87001.HKApril 29, 2011RMB 5.24Stock Analysis of Hui Xian
Swiss Glencore805.HK; GLEN.LMay 24, 2011 in London;
May 25, 2011 in Hong Kong
530 pence or HKD 66.53Stock Analysis of Glencore
HKSAR 1st iBond4208.HKJuly 29, 2011HKD 100Bond Analysis of iBond (due 2014)
CITIC Securities6030.HK; 600030.SSOctober 6, 2011HKD 13.3Stock Analysis of CITIC Securities
HKT Trust6823.HKNovember 29, 2011HKD 4.53Stock Analysis of HKT Trust
New China Life Insurance1336.HK; 601336.SSDecember 15, 2011 in Hong Kong;
December 16, 2011 in Shanghai
HKD 28.5 or RMB 23.25Stock Analysis of New China Life Insurance
Chow Tai Fook1929.HKDecember 15, 2011HKD 15Stock Analysis of Chow Tai Fook
Hang Seng RMB Gold ETF83168.HKFebruary 14, 2012N/AFund Analysis of HS RMB Gold ETF
iShares A50 China ETF2823.HK; IFXAF.PKNovember 18, 2004N/AFund Analysis of iShares A50 China ETF
HKSAR 2nd iBond4214.HKJune 25, 2012HKD 100Bond Analysis of iBond (due 2015)
PRC Sovereign Bond86606.HKJuly 20, 2012RMB 100Bond Analysis of PRC Sovereign Bond
CSI-300 Index ETF83188.HKJuly 17, 2012N/AFund Analysis of CSI-300 Index ETF
TraHK Index ETF2800.HKNovember 12, 1999HKD 12.8Fund Analysis of TraHK
Harvest MSCI A-share Index ETF83118.HK (RMB counter);
3118.HK (HKD counter)
October 12, 2012RMB 8Fund Analysis of Harvest MSCI A-share Index ETF
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure737.HK (HKD counter);
80737.HK (RMB counter)
October 29, 2012RMB 3.22Dual Currency IPO
PICC Insurance1339.HKDecember 7, 2012HKD 3.48Stock Analysis of PICC Insurance
CSOP A50 China ETF2822.HK (HKD counter);
82822.HK (RMB counter);
November 8, 2012N/AFund Analysis of CSOP A50 China ETF
RMB-Bond Index ETF3139.HK (HKD counter);
83139.HK (RMB counter)
June 18, 2013RMB 35RMB-Bond Index ETF IPO
HKSAR 3rd iBond4218.HKJune 25, 2013HKD 100Bond Analysis of iBond (due 2016)
Cinda Asset Management1359.HKDecember 12, 2013HKD 3.58Cinda Asset Management IPO
EverBright Bank6818.HKDecember 20, 2013HKD 3.98Stock Analysis of EverBright Bank
HK Electric Investments2638.HKJanuary 29, 2014HKD 5.45HK Electric Investments IPO

Table of our Stock (and Bond) Analysis or Financial Reports

We will stay focus on stock (and bond) analysis for Hong Kong and Shanghai equity markets, as they are the top two financial markets in China that most investors should care about. Such arrangement, of course, intends to align fully with the main theme of this China economy specific website. It is also believed that these two financial markets, Shanghai and Hong Kong, will keep growing rapidly and will climb up to become two of the top ranks in the world when China economy continues to soar. We, however, are open to what kind of report(s) we should focus on. If you have any suggestion to this arrangement, you may simply contact us and let us know.

Considering the fact that Shanghai A-share market is still limited only to certain qualified foreign investors, you may see that we currently put our focus a bit more on the Hong Kong equity market. However, as the Shanghai equity market continues to develop and evolve, we will surely publish more reports relating to this growing Shanghai market in this website soon.

Please note that all contents of our analysis reports including any target stock price or target bond price (if any) are for our internal reference only, and are not for your use in making any investment decision (Details here: Our Disclaimer Statement). We are going to have more and more stock (and bond) analysis reports to be published here, so please pay more attention to the latest updates in this website.

One particular point we want to mention here is that in most case when a stock (or bond) trends to move up with gain in price, we will see our corresponding analysis report become more popular in search. This phenomenon is not difficult to understand, as most of the time people trends to do some research online before they buy something in the equity market. As our website is already featured with 'Popular Article in this Week' (near the bottom of our site layout) that automatically shows which article is more popular, you may come often to see if your favorite equity name starts to appear in this popular article section.

In any case, we will keep updating the above table to include any new analysis report for Hong Kong and Shanghai equity markets. You are strongly advised to bookmark this page to check for any new update report any time you want.


Eddy said...

Your call on Everbright was excellent!
Any ideas on the next IPOs? "Redids"? Nanjing SinoLife?
Thanks you very much in advance.
Eddy Butler

Mr China said...

Dear Eddy,

Thanks for your kindly support on our analysis about Everbright Bank (6818.hk).

Our editorial team will of course continue to analyse on different new IPO listings in Hong Kong or Shanghai Equity Markets, depending mainly on popularity of these new IPOs for our blog readers. You may just check out these details by closely monitoring our upcoming new blog posts here.

Thanks again~

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