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Chinese Bank Surpassed US Giants to Become Largest Public Company in the World

Forbes announced last month that Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC stock codes: for A-shares and for H-shares) have already surpassed U.S. giants to become the largest public company in its Global top 2000 list. It is historically the first time big names of mainland China can really achieve top global rankings.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), headquartered in Asia-Pacific region with gigantic amount of assets worth USD$2813.5 billion, is not the only Chinese banks that can defeat U.S. giants in global standings. China Construction Bank (CCB stock codes: for A-shares; for H-shares), another big P.R.C. (People's Republic of China) stated-owned commercial bank, successfully ranks number-two just a notch after ICBC in Forbes Global top 2000 list.

JPMorgan Chase (JPM) continues to slip from number-one in 2011 to number-two in 2012 and then to number-three in 2013, although it remains the biggest U.S. Wall Street banking institution and the largest public company in North America by now.

General Electric (GE), a U.S. super conglomerate, also slips from number-three in 2012 to number-four in 2013. General Electric is already the biggest non-banking dominated public company in Forbes Global top 2000 list.

ExxonMobil (EM), the U.S. gas and oil giant, sharply drops from number-one in 2012 to number-five in 2013, although it is still the most profitable public company of our world with USD$44.9 billion for its latest net income.

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC stock codes: HSBA for London, for Hong Kong, HBC for New York), a huge U.K. financial institution, now ranks number-six in 2013. HSBC is already the largest European public company by far under current European sovereign debt crisis.

Wal-Mart Stores (WM), the largest US-based chain stores with sales of USD$469.2 billion, now ranks number 15. Wal-Mart is by far the biggest public company (by sales volume) of our world.

Apple Inc (stock code: AAPL), an innovative iPhone manufacturer, also ranks number 15 (same as Wal-Mart). Apple Inc stays the most valuable company (by market capitalization) of our world and its market value of USD$416.6 billion is even larger than that of ExxonMobil (EM).

Samsung Electronics (SSE), a major smart-phone competitor of Apple Inc., successfully ranks number 20 which is already the best non-Chinese ranking among all Asia counterparts. Samsung Electronics is the largest organization ever in South Korea and it almost dominates economy of this fast-growing countries.

Here are top-50 public companies inside Forbes Global top 2000 list:

Forbes Global Top-50 List

RankingCompany NameTotal Assets (USD$ Billion)Annual Profits (USD$ Billion)Annual Sales (USD$ Billion)Market Values (USD$ Billion)Country
(1)Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)USD$2813.5bUSD$37.8bUSD$134.8bUSD$237.3bP.R.C
(2)China Construction Bank (CCB)USD$2241bUSD$30.6bUSD$113.1bUSD$202bP.R.C
(3)JPMorgan Chase (JPM)USD$2359.1bUSD$21.3bUSD$108.2bUSD$191.4bUnited States
(4)General Electric (GE)USD$685.3bUSD$13.6bUSD$147.4bUSD$243.7bUnited States
(5)ExxonMobil (EM)USD$333.8bUSD$44.9bUSD$420.7bUSD$400.4bUnited States
(6)Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)USD$2684.1bUSD$14.3bUSD$104.9bUSD$201.3bUnited Kingdom
(7)Royal Dutch Shell (RDS)USD$360.3bUSD$26.6bUSD$467.2bUSD$213.1bNetherlands
(8)Agricultural Bank of China (ABoC)USD$2124.2bUSD$23bUSD$103bUSD$150.8bP.R.C
(9)Berkshire Hathaway (BH)USD$427.5bUSD$14.8bUSD$162.5bUSD$252.8bUnited States
(9)PetroChina (PC)USD$347.8bUSD$18.3bUSD$308.9bUSD$261.2bP.R.C
(11)Bank of China (BoC)USD$2033.8bUSD$22.1bUSD$98.1bUSD$131.7bP.R.C.
(12)Wells Fargo (WF)USD$1423bUSD$18.9bUSD$91.2bUSD$201.3bUnited States
(13)ChevronUSD$233bUSD$26.2bUSD$222.6bUSD$232.5bUnited States
(14)Volkswagen Group (VG)USD$408.2bUSD$28.6bUSD$254bUSD$94.4bGermany
(15)Apple Inc.USD$196.1bUSD$41.7bUSD$164.7bUSD$416.6bUnited States
(15)Wal-Mart Stores (WM)USD$203.1bUSD$17bUSD$469.2bUSD$242.5bUnited States
(18)BPUSD$301bUSD$11.6bUSD$370.9bUSD$130.4bUnited Kingdom
(19)CitigroupUSD$1864.7bUSD$7.5bUSD$90.7 bUSD$143.6bUnited States
(20)Samsung Electronics (SSE)USD$196.3bUSD$21.7bUSD$187.8bUSD$174.4bSouth Korea
(22)BNP ParibasUSD$2504.2bUSD$8.6bUSD$126.2bUSD$71.3bFrance
(24)AT&TUSD$272.3bUSD$7.3bUSD$127.4bUSD$200.1bUnited States
(26)Sinopec-China PetroleumUSD$200bUSD$10.1bUSD$411.7bUSD$106.9bP.R.C.
(27)Mitsubishi UFJ FinancialUSD$2653.1bUSD$11.9bUSD$59bUSD$85.7bJapan
(28)Bank of America (BoA)USD$2210bUSD$4.2bUSD$100.1bUSD$135.5bUnited States
(29)China MobileUSD$168.7bUSD$20.5bUSD$88.8bUSD$213.8bH.K.(Hong Kong)-China
(31)Toyota MotorUSD$371.3bUSD$3.4bUSD$224.5bUSD$167.2bJapan
(33)VodafoneUSD$219.9bUSD$11.1bUSD$74.4bUSD$135.7bUnited Kingdom
(34)IBMUSD$119.2bUSD$16.6bUSD$104.5bUSD$239.5bUnited States
(35)Procter & Gamble (P&G)USD$139.9bUSD$12.9bUSD$83.3bUSD$208.5bUnited States
(37)PfizerUSD$185.8bUSD$14.6bUSD$59bUSD$201.4bUnited States
(39)AXA GroupUSD$1005.4bUSD$5.3bUSD$147.5bUSD$45.3bFrance
(40)Commonwealth Bank (CWB)USD$735.2bUSD$7.3bUSD$47.8bUSD$117.5bAustralia
(41)Microsoft Corp.USD$128.7bUSD$15.5bUSD$72.9bUSD$234.8bUnited States
(42)Itaú Unibanco HoldingUSD$453.6bUSD$6.2bUSD$70.5bUSD$82bBrazil
(43)Banco SantanderUSD$1647.8bUSD$2.9bUSD$108.8bUSD$82.1bSpain
(44)BHP BillitonUSD$129.3bUSD$15.4bUSD$72.2bUSD$184.7bAustralia
(45)Banco Bradesco (BB)USD$417.5bUSD$5.6bUSD$78.3bUSD$71.6bBrazil
(46)Johnson & Johnson (J&J)USD$121.3bUSD$10.9bUSD$67.2bUSD$221.4bUnited States
(47)Nippon Telegraph & Tel (NT&T)USD$226bUSD$5.6bUSD$126.9bUSD$58.2bJapan
(48)Westpac Banking Group (WPB)USD$699.6bUSD$6.2bUSD$43.9bUSD$98.9bAustralia
(49)Goldman Sachs Group (GS)USD$938.6bUSD$7.5bUSD$41.7bUSD$74.5bUnited States
(50)Royal Bank of Canada (RBoC)USD$838.5bUSD$7.7bUSD$38.3bUSD$87.2bCanada

Table: Global Top-50 Public Companies

Below please also find top-10 Chinese public companies inside Forbes Global top 2000 list:

Top-10 Chinese Public Company

Chinese RankingGlobal RankingChinese Company NameTotal Assets (USD$ Billion)Annual Profits (USD$ Billion)Annual Sales (USD$ Billion)Market Values (USD$ Billion)
(1)(1)Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)USD$2813.5bUSD$37.8bUSD$134.8bUSD$237.3b
(2)(2)China Construction Bank (CCB)USD$2241bUSD$30.6bUSD$113.1bUSD$202b
(3)(8)Agricultural Bank of China (ABoC)USD$2124.2bUSD$23bUSD$103bUSD$150.8b
(4)(9)PetroChina (PC)USD$347.8bUSD$18.3bUSD$308.9bUSD$261.2b
(5)(11)Bank of China (BoC)USD$2033.8bUSD$22.1bUSD$98.1bUSD$131.7b
(6)(26)Sinopec-China PetroleumUSD$200bUSD$10.1bUSD$411.7bUSD$106.9b
(7)(29)China MobileUSD$168.7bUSD$20.5bUSD$88.8bUSD$213.8b
(8)(54)Bank of Communications (BoC)USD$846.4bUSD$9.4bUSD$43.5bUSD$56.7b
(9)(83)Ping An Insurance Group (PAIG)USD$456.2bUSD$3.2bUSD$51.1bUSD$57b
(10)(101)China Merchants Bank (CMB)USD$547bUSD$7.3bUSD$28.4bUSD$44.1b

Table: Chinese Top-10 Public Companies

Rankings inside Forbes Global top 2000 list are calculated by a formula with an equal weighting of total assets, annual profits, annual sales revenues as well as company market values. Source: Forbes LLC


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