Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Goals

Our site is written to help people around the world to primarily understand more about the real Chinese economy.

We also intend to implement a FREE Content Forever Policy by keeping our site free of charge for all readers.

We take pride in our professional approach to analyze the trends of the Chinese economy and also the stock markets. We do believe that we can offer you some sorts of very useful information or analysis which can at least help you to prepare for investing in China. Through our website, we also want to let you know the point of view from local people in China and how Chinese people see this world. By doing so, perhaps in one day people around the world will all see the real side of China, no matter it is good or bad, and their judgment on China will be more objective.

Nowadays, honest to say, misunderstanding about China is still a very common issue across the globe. Without proper understanding, there is no way to build trust and mutual respect among each others. To think optimistically, our inputs may encourage mutual understanding and can possibly enhance the relationship between people around the world and the Chinese people.

However they are not the only goals we want to achieve. In real China, particularly outside a few areas like the city centres of Shanghai and Beijing, there are still a lot of poor people who are less fortunate and desperately in need.

Poor People in China Everywhere Photo

Still Many Poor People in China

Why we also want you to donate (thought this link: Donate here Now) the same way as we are doing?

We, at the very beginning of establishing Mr China in 2007, already decided that all we do is for charity.

We actually have all been committed to be volunteers for years and are run on a not-for-profit basis. Before starting this website, Mr China has already given out most of our available resources to donate for charity and disaster relief events such as the SiChuan earthquake in 2008, the Yunnan flooding and the YuShu earthquake in 2010 etc. We are very happy to see that those poor people, who had already lost their hopes beforehand, have now gradually recovered after we could give them the chance of rebirth.

A heartbreaking moment of China SiChuan earthquake

12 May 2008 14:28pm China SiChuan GMT+08:00

We then realize that if we want to continue and help more people, we have to let people around the world to involve by expanding our charity efforts through the internet.

With professional knowledge of our own Chinese economy expert team, we believe our site will become a success and can also make some profits. No matter how our group will evolve in the future, all these profits will be fully donated to the poor and less fortunate people here in China.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our site, we hope our site can really help you to understand more about the real Chinese economy and ultimately, we have your support to continue to work for the poor and less fortunate people.

Please kindly go to our donation page if you share the same views with our goals.

Nowadays finance-related websites generally do not have good public image, because people know most of them are too greedy. Our site wants to break this rule. We would like to demonstrate that finance and charity can actually co-exist. After all, a finance-related website which focuses fully on charity is quite rare now. We really have no idea if there are any other people else in the world doing such similar thing but, we are just happy to be Mr China like this.

UPDATE - Table of Summary: Our Regular Financial (or Internal) Reviews

Since the China economy has been increasingly affected by the global economies, we have started publishing our own review reports regularly since 2010. These reports include quarterly and annual global financial reviews, as well as our own annual internal audit reviews. The review reports should encourage proper understanding between China and global economy, and also encourage understanding about the development of this website.

While most of the smaller investors put their focus only on the financial market performance of their own country, we wish our review summary reports can help illustrating to them the actual flows of capitals across different financial markets from global point of view. This should also help reducing the information gap between average small investors and big investment bankers.

Below please find the table for our regular review reports:

Table of our Regular Review Reports

We will keep updating this table so as to include any new review reports. You are encouraged to bookmark this page in order to check for any new review report updates with ease.

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