Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wish your Investments Achieve Better Returns in the New Chinese Year

Today is the first day of this new Lunar year, and hence marks the beginning of this new Chinese calendar year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai (in chinese: 恭喜发财)!

We, Mr China, wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! This year is going to be propitious for all our readers worldwide, not just for Chinese!

What are your hopes in this new lunar year?

We hope the world is becoming more peaceful and there is no any war in any country, every country has a stable environment for economic growth and a bright future for continuous improvement, and everyone loves each other and is in good health condition in the new year!

Hope also the society development in the third world can really be more prospective with no starving, the inflation in China and the other emerging markets can really be under good control, the economies in developed countries can really be bottom out with a strong rebound, the global economic recovery can really be sustainable and everybody is getting rich in the new year!

Wish all of you a great success in this year, in all investment markets of stocks, forex, bonds and commodities!

Please be aware that this kind of traditional Lunar New Year blessings is often used as a request for red packet, which is basically a monetary gift to ward off evil spirits, in Chinese and other East Asian societies.

Taking this special opportunity, we encourage any of you to think more about poor people in China who are less fortunate and desperately in need. They surely need red packets that symbolize good luck from you in this new year.

To take and also to give, please kindly make a secure donation through this donation page if you did get a positive earning result in your investment portfolio last year. We sincerely believe all your investments will then achieve better returns in the year to come.

Thanks for your supports to those poor people, our website, and also this Chinese culture in advance.

Should you have any question or need help about your donation, please feel free to make use of this Contact information of Mr China.

We will soon come back in writing even more quality contents after the Lunar New Year holiday but, in the meantime, you may still enjoy reading more about our articles Financial Review 2010: where had all the hot money gone and also An Important 2010 Internal Review for you that summarized our efforts made in the past year.

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