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10% OFF! Professional Chinese Translation Services

Do you ever want to expand your current businesses to Chinese communities? Do you want to localize your whole website or even a few pages of your web contents to attract new-target Chinese audiences? Our professional Chinese translation services can help!

In fact, we have been doing a lot of translation works for years offline, previously through our Translation Pro services. As we own a qualified team of translators with 10+ years of experience in general and commercial translations, now we decide to move our professional Chinese translation services online here. We currently offer the following written Chinese and English translation-related services: English to Chinese Translation, Chinese to English Translation, Proofreading and Copywriting Services.

(1) English to Chinese Translation:

We offer English to Simplified Chinese and/or Traditional Chinese translation service. Upon request, we also offer free advice to you which one (or both) version of Chinese you should use. In general, Simplified Chinese (简体中文) is for use mostly in markets of the mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) is for use mostly in markets of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau.

Bonus: If you prefer translating English to BOTH simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese versions, you will enjoy up to 25% special discount from us.

Want to see example of our translated work? This article page itself (please look at the bottom of this page) serves as a good bilingual example.

(2) Chinese to English Translation:

We offer Simplified Chinese (or Traditional Chinese) to English translation service. Want to see example of our translated work? In fact, some of the articles in this website, which were originally written in Chinese, should themselves be the evidences of the translation efforts made by our experienced translation team. You can freely browse through our whole website to look for examples.

(3) Proofreading Service:

We offer proofreading service for document(s) written in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or English. To well-perform this service, you should provide us both the document requires proofreading plus the original source of the document. Service charges will be based on the number of words needs to be corrected.

(4) Copywriting Service:

We offer copywriting service which is useful for translating marketing or advertising materials. Marketing or advertising materials written in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or English need to contain special words that are attractive enough to motivate customers to buy or take responsive actions. This is the main purpose of our copywriting service. In addition, if the marketing or advertising materials need to be put online, we can offer you our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting service to help your marketing or advertising materials to rank high in popular search engines like Google. We will make use your marketing or advertising materials contain necessary keywords to rank, and the corresponding webpages will also be able to pass the well-known Copyscape Plagiarism Checker at the time they are published, thus avoiding the so-called duplicate content penalty imposed by popular search engines. Our copywriting service rates will be based on the number of words needs to be corrected.

Now why Mr China? Our missions below speak out the main reasons.

Our Missions

(i) High Quality: We commit to high quality and, unlike many other translation companies (or even agencies) that receive jobs in worldwide languages, we focus only on professional Chinese-English translation. Any translation we perform is only done by human (no software) and only by mother-tongue language speaker(s). This ensure our translation is easily readable by ordinary native people and will not cause misunderstanding. Once you start trying our service(s), we believe that you will not run free translation software anymore or will not willing to pay anonymous someone on the internet to do your translation jobs.

(ii) Low Cost: We know that people normally do not want high translation fees, especially if they need translation in bulk. As this website is not-for-profit (please refer to: Our Goals for details), we do offer translation services with honest pricing (no hidden cost) at a highly competitive price level. After all, we are a direct service provider and NOT a translation agency at all. You can always save all the third party cost by utilizing our service directly. Our quote prices are in USD. As a promotional trial offer until end-June 2012, your first order will enjoy 10% off the original quote price! Act Now!

(iii) Appropriate Terminology: Translation is by definition no easy job. Cultural differences can make translation inappropriate and result in serious misunderstanding. As you may also know, Chinese jargon can be very dissimilar to its English equivalent. Whenever necessary, our team of Chinese native translators, proofreaders and copywriters can all work together to deliver translation with appropriate cultural and linguistic terminology.

(iv) On-time Delivery: We know that no one would like to miss the scheduled deadline, and that is why we are proud of our punctuality. Once we fix our schedule with you, we are reliable to meet your deadline. After we build trust together, you may not even need to hire official staff in your organization for translation jobs.

(v) Strict Confidentiality: Any document sent from you will be handled with strict confidentially, because we aim to protect confidentiality, security as well as safety of your sensitive documents.

(vi) Customer Satisfaction: We provide user-friendly customer support services to ensure you can overcome language barrier easily with great customer satisfaction.

How to get started? Please see our easy Working Procedure of Our Services, and also our Terms and Conditions.

As usual, all profits will only be used for achieving our goals, the same way as we have run before moving our translation services on-line. Mr China is always your sincere Chinese language and professional translation partner.

Simplified Chinese (简体中文) Version: 九折优惠! 专业中文翻译服务

您可曾希望向华人社区伸展现有业务? 或您想本地化部份您的网页内容,甚至是您的整个网站,以吸引新的中国目标客户呢? 我们的专业中文翻译服务可以帮助到您!

事实上,我们多年来以非网上方式 Translation Pro 服务为名已经做过很多翻译相关的工作。由于我们拥有具十年以上经验的翻译人才队伍(主要为一般及商业翻译),故现在决定开始在网上推展我们的专业中文翻译服务。我们目前提供以下书面的中文和英文翻译相关服务:英译中,中译英,校对和撰稿服务。

(1) 英译中:


额外奖赏: 若您同时选择翻译至简体中文和繁体中文两种版本的服务,您将可享受我们高达25% 的特别折扣优惠。

想一看我们英译中的工作例子吗? 此网页本身经已是一个良好的中英双语版本网页例子。

(2) 中译英:

我们提供简体中文或繁体中文翻译至英文的服务。要看到我们中译英的工作例子吗? 事实上,您在这个网站到处都可找到原文是中文的一些文章,它们本身就是我们经验丰富的翻译队伍所作之工作凭证。您可以任意浏览我们的整个网站寻找相关的例子。

(3) 校对服务:


(4) 撰稿服务:

我们提供应用于翻译市场营销或广告材料的撰稿服务。我们提供撰稿服务的主要目的,是由于我们深知不论是简体中文,繁体中文或英文撰写的市场营销或广告材料,均必须具有足够吸引力的特殊词语,以激发客户购买或采取您所需之行动。此外,如果您需要将您的市场营销或广告材料放到网上,我们可以为您提供搜索引擎优化(SEO)的撰稿服务,以协助您的市场营销或广告材料在主要搜索引擎(如谷歌)取得高排名。我们将使您的市场营销或广告材料,包含必要的关键字以取得搜索引擎排名,相关的网页也将在它们面世时能够通过著名的 Copyscape 剽窃检查,从而避免主要搜索引擎中所谓的抄袭内容处罚。我们的撰稿服务费将根据我们需要修改的字数收取。

为什么选用我们中国先生的服务呢? 以下我们的服务使命道出主要原因:



(二)低成本:我们知道,客户通常抗拒翻译收费过高,特别是如果他们对翻译服务需求大的话。由于这个网站是不以营利为目的(详情请参阅:我们的目标),我们可提供具竞争力价格水平的翻译服务,并做到诚实定价(我们是以美元报价)及无隐藏费用。毕竟,我们是直接服务提供者而并非翻译代理商。您使用我们的服务就定必可以节省所有涉及第三者的成本。作为服务试用推广,我们为您提供首次使用服务的九折优惠。 请立即行动!优惠期至2012年6月底止。





如何开始? 请参阅易懂的我们服务之工作程序,以及我们的一般服务条款和条件

一如既往,我们只会将所得利润用于实现我们的目标,就像我们未开始在网上推展翻译服务前一样。Mr China 是您真诚的中国语言和专业翻译之合作伙伴。

Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) Version: 九折優惠! 專業中文翻譯服務

您可曾希望向華人社區伸展現有業務? 或您想本地化部份您的網頁內容,甚至是您的整個網站,以吸引新的中國目標客戶呢? 我們的專業中文翻譯服務可以幫助到您!

事實上,我們多年來以非網上方式 Translation Pro 服務為名已經做過很多翻譯相關的工作。由於我們擁有具十年以上經驗的翻譯人才隊伍(主要為一般及商業翻譯),故現在決定開始在網上推展我們的專業中文翻譯服務。我們目前提供以下書面的中文和英文翻譯相關服務:英譯中,中譯英,校對和撰稿服務。

(1) 英譯中:


額外獎賞: 若您同時選擇翻譯至簡體中文和繁體中文兩種版本的服務,您將可享受我們高達25% 的特別折扣優惠。

想一看我們英譯中的工作例子嗎? 此網頁本身經已是一個良好的中英雙語版本網頁例子。

(2) 中譯英:

我們提供簡體中文或繁體中文翻譯至英文的服務。要看到我們中譯英的工作例子嗎? 事實上,您在這個網站到處都可找到原文是中文的一些文章,它們本身就是我們經驗豐富的翻譯隊伍所作之工作憑證。您可以任意瀏覽我們的整個網站尋找相關的例子。

(3) 校對服務:


(4) 撰稿服務:


為什麼選用我們中國先生的服務呢? 以下我們的服務使命道出主要原因:



(二)低成本:我們知道,客戶通常抗拒翻譯收費過高,特別是如果他們對翻譯服務需求大的話。由於這個網站是不以營利為目的(詳情請參閱:我們的目標),我們可提供具競爭力價格水平的翻譯服務,並做到誠實定價(我們是以美元報價)及無隱藏費用。畢竟,我們是直接服務提供者而並非翻譯代理商。您使用我們的服務就定必可以節省所有涉及第三者的成本。作為服務試用推廣,我們為您提供首次使用服務的九折優惠。 請立即行動!優惠期至2012年6月底止。





如何開始? 請參閱易懂的我們服務之工作程序,以及我們的一般服務條款和條件

一如既往,我們只會將所得利潤用於實現我們的目標,就像我們未開始在網上推展翻譯服務前一樣。Mr China 是您真誠的中國語言和專業翻譯之合作夥伴。


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