Monday, January 23, 2012

Starting Google AdSense: Build for High CTR Financial Website

Happy Chinese New Year of Dragon! Today is the Lunar New Year's Day. Just like last year, we, Mr China, do have special greetings as our Chinese New Year gift to all our readers. To read our full greetings, please visit this article: Hope your Investments can Get Better Returns for the New Chinese Year.

Starting Google AdSense

We would like to write this short notice to inform all visitors formally that we have joined as a Google AdSense publisher. You may also aware that we have started putting Google AdSense Ads on trial basis in our website since early January 2012. Although we have achieved pretty good results in other non-AdSense online advertising alternatives (reference: Our Advertising Supports), we still decide to give Google AdSense a try as it is by far the best online Pay per Click (PPC) Ads Affiliate Network available in the market. We trust our website should succeed with Google AdSense as well.

We have read lots of the so-called Adsense tips, secrets, tricks, tweaks, techniques, guidelines, practices, advices etc in the internet, but we still believe the key to success is to continue building up our high-quality financial website with substantial unique and original contents. In addition to stick with this basic rule, we would also like to formalize our own statement for Google Adsense as follow:

Our Statement for Google Adsense

This statement is to formally confirm our ownership on this blogger website titled "Mr China". This blogger website has delivered substantial unique and original contents since our sub-domain registration in September 2010 and is now over 15 months old.

For more information about this website and the particular reasons why the title "Mr China" was chosen, please visit: About Mr China. We have to declare that this website does not drive traffic through cybersquatting and it is also not a chat site at all.

This blogger sub-domain has a privacy policy to disclose that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on browsers of users, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on the website. For full details, please visit: Privacy Policy of Mr China.

It is also the key policy of our team to preserve user experience and make it easy for users to navigate the website. To maintain high readability, our team uses appropriate keywords in our sentences only when they are necessary for expressing our opinions and we have no intention to use excessive keywords in our blog contents or code of webpages. Perhaps many keywords about 'China' can be found here but they match perfectly with the main theme of this website and they should all be necessary in the related sentences.

In short, our team would like to declare and confirm that this blogger sub-domain fully adheres to Google AdSense Program Policies, Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines, Google Landing Page Quality Guidelines, Google TOS (Terms of Service) as well as specific terms of Google Affiliate Network.

We are serious to join as a Google Adsense publisher and believe it should be one of the most vital decisions for the future development of this website. The above statement is to express our determination and full commitment to meet all the Google Adsense related requirements.

While we are still running experiments to optimize ads placement, number of ads unit, ads color, ads type and ads format etc, we know the Adsense crawler robot is also learning too because we find some of the ads are not relevant to this financial-niche website (but Adsense report still states they are not untargeted ads). Though this website is not built primarily for profits, we will keep monitoring the overall ads performance regularly and try avoiding unwanted ads from appearing for better user experience and readability. That is why we would still want to legally maximize our Click-Through-Rate (CTR), which is a measure of relevancy between ads and targeted traffic source. We would rather prefer a high CTR, not a high CPC (Cost-per-Click) or RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions). We hope our Google AdSense Ads can serve not only to drive traffic to advertisers but also to bring something really useful to our visitors.

By the way, as you may also imagine, any such kind of online advertising revenue support is helpful for us to keep or further improve our site performance. However, we will continue to use our profits only for meeting our goals. In order to avoid violating Google Adsense ToS, we do not encourage our readers to support us by intentionally clicking on our ads. You are reminded to click on our ads if and only if you are really interested in the content of the ads. If you do want to support us, please consider to directly make your donation instead.

We will continue to build up our high-quality financial website with substantial China-related unique and original contents. We sincerely take this opportunity to thank for your understanding and continual support to our website.


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